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Obstetrics and Maternity Services

Having Your Baby at Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center

Every soon-to-be and new mother knows that the Lourdes staff takes the time to care for her labor, delivery and post-natal status like the miracle it is. Individually, one such miracle at a time.

Welcome to a place that’s all about something special and unique:
each mother and each pregnancy, individually –– each woman and each baby.

Lourdes helps bring more than 1,300 babies into the world each year here at Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center. The talented, experienced doctors and nurses at this major maternity hospital are highly regarded in their fields.

For new moms and their families, Lourdes offers an excellent facility located close to home with all the know-how and capabilities needed for safe and joyous childbirth. Patients are reassured to know that this care comes with support from accomplished staff and specialists in such areas as antenatal, perinatal and neonatal (follow-up for special babies) care.

Lourdes obstetricians are board certified or board eligible by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists or the American Osteopathic Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. The program’s dedicated nursing staff, including many nurses who have been at Lourdes for well over a decade, provide the finest physical and emotional care possible for mother and baby.

Caring for Mom and Baby: One Pregnancy and Birth at a Time

Healthcare providers recommend Lourdes for obstetrical and maternity services because the staff delivers the highest level of attention to its patients, using the most current skills and specialized medical knowledge. Lourdes doctors and nurses in Ob-maternity are highly trained, and they take advantage of advanced technology when needed.

But mothers come to Lourdes––often across many years and multiple pregnancies, and even across generations––for a simpler reason: they know that on their special day, they will have a small group of people around them who will work to make labor and delivery an experience to cherish forever. The Lourdes team always seeks to comfort and to safeguard mother and child, and to provide everything to make the special day memorable and comfortable.

Antenatal Services

The modern, fully-equipped Antenatal Consultation Unit at Lourdes is capable of handling all of the diagnostic testing mothers require during pregnancy. Ultrasound, amniocentesis, fetal echocardiography, fetal heart rate testing, stress tests, chorionic villi sampling (CVS) and other tests are available as needed. The team also provides individual instruction for expectant mothers who have diabetes or other medical conditions that may prompt vigilance and special care during pregnancy.

To contact the Lourdes Antenatal Consultation Unit, call 856-757-3993.

Labor, Delivery, Recovery, and Postpartum Care

At Lourdes, the LDR (Labor/Delivery/Recovery) floor allows mothers to complete the entire birth experience in one room. A mother-baby nurse assigned to each birth assures continuity of care. This combined mother-and-infant care also provides for liberal rooming-in and bonding opportunities for mother and baby.

For the foremost physical and emotional well-being of each mother and child, Lourdes has private labor rooms equipped with electronic fetal monitors as well as modern delivery and operating suites for cesarean sections. Plus, for your safety and comfort, in-house anesthesia services are available 24 hours a day.

Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center has among the lowest Cesarean delivery (C-section) rates for first-time mothers in New Jersey. The team encourages women to talk to their primary doctor about the advantages of natural delivery and why they should have their baby at Lourdes.

The team offers 24-hour visiting privileges in the labor and delivery unit for the mother’s support person. And when mother is ready, the staff offers flexible family-visitation hours and policies so that parents can introduce their little miracle to his or her new family.

To contact the Our Lady of Lourdes Mother/Baby Unit for a tour or other information, call 856-757-3035.

High-Risk Deliveries

Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center has been a pioneer in providing the highest-quality care to high-risk mothers and their babies.

Not every pregnancy is easy and not every delivery goes exactly as planned. And certain factors such as age, diabetes, blood pressure or other genetic or physical conditions may increase risk for some mothers.

Fortunately, at Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center offers some of the most advanced technology, testing and services in the region.

  • Level II Perinatal Care
  • Antenatal Consultation Unit
  • Special Care Nursery
Special-Care Nursery

When mother’s give birth at Lourdes or another South Jersey hospital and complications arise that cause challenges for the newborn, Lourdes can care for the infant in its Special-Care Nursery. Each year, Lourdes’ exceptional medical and nursing staff care for hundreds of newborn infants who require specialized medical attention at birth or during the period after birth. Lourdes provides the most advanced care available for fragile infants, including those that require an additional hospital stay or need extra measures to safeguard their health and postnatal transition.

For more information about the Special-Care Nursery, please call 856-757-3506

Following Birth

Lourdes family-centered maternity services provide liberal visitation hours for siblings and grandparents. And, after the baby has arrived, a Lourdes staff nurse gives each mother private, individualized education sessions to help her become more comfortable with her new role before she leaves the hospital.

But the attention doesn’t stop there. A mother-baby nurse contacts each mother at home within 72 hours of discharge, to review concerns and questions, and welcomes calls during this time. It’s all part of the care and compassion delivered to each and every Lourdes mom.

Childbirth Educational Programs

Lourdes is proud of its role as a leader in providing family-centered maternity care to mother and loved ones, including providing all of the information needed during this special time. Lourdes sponsors a wide array of classes and programs, including: Childbirth Education Class, Successful Breastfeeding, Childbirth Refresher Program, Baby Basics 101, Siblings Are Special, and Infant and Child CPR Classes.

Please visit our News and Events links for specific dates and times of these educational programs, or call 856-757-3035 or download a pdf of our 2018 Childbirth Education brochure.

In addition, the Lourdes Wellness Center also offers programs and services that benefit expectant mothers and families. The center offers classes to help women prepare for pregnancy using a variety of holistic therapies. For a comprehensive list of additional programs, services, classes and screenings provided throughout the year, go to or call 856-869-3125.

To locate a Lourdes Obstetrician, call 1-888-LOURDES.

Learn more about women’s health services at Lourdes.

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