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Women's Health

Historically, medicine has not always given women’s health the special focus or even the equal attention that it deserves.  All that has long since changed at advanced medical centers such as those of the Lourdes Health System.  Women’s health is a specially coordinated, joint system wide effort to give balanced, dedicated and exceptional services to the special needs of women in both primary and specialty areas.

With their delicate reproductive system influencing many aspects of health and life, with their significantly different hormonal system and with risk factors that contrast to those of men in many major acute and chronic conditions, women need care from specially knowledgeable and trained providers.  With physiques and other factors that influence their orthopedic needs, with psychosocial expectations and stresses that differ in some ways from those of men and with somewhat extended life expectancies compared to men, women should have their identity as female patients always at the forefront and specifically addressed.  Lourdes primary care services and its specialty practices understand that lifelong and acute care for men and women are different. They offer excellence in women-only care as well as experience and insight to the female patient in all services.

Lourdes practitioners put an understanding of women’s special risks, needs, challenges and joys into every moment of care for their female patients. From everyday care to top-level interventions, the staff works constantly to improve its expertise in safeguarding not just the health but the well-being of women.

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