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Wellness at Lourdes

Caring for health has to be proactive. Prevention and well-being are essential goals to life and vitality, as well as risk reduction and management of disease.

For these reasons, Lourdes has long placed wellness at the forefront of its philosophy and has been a pioneer of wellness services among healthcare providers.  Lourdes built and provided one of the first hospital-based wellness programs in the country, and launched an institute of wholistic studies.

History and more on wellness at Lourdes

In 1979, Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center became the first hospital in Southern New Jersey to develop and offer a wellness program for its employees and the community. The goal of the program was to help people become more aware of the choices that they could make to improve their lifestyles. The commitment of Lourdes to wellness-informed lives was an extension of its general education philosophy. The most unique aspect of Lourdes’ Wellness Program is an emphasis on the spirituality.

Leading wellness services for over 35 years.

The initial year of the program was devoted to the employee population. Following this, programs were offered to the community at large. Within the first few years of operation, the program held workshops in nutrition, stress management and “wholistic” health (Lourdes’ expression of a unified concept of holistic health). The program offered human-wholeness retreats and prenatal classes. In 1986, the program expanded its offerings, as the Wellness Center, to include massage and other wholistic modalities.

Since their inception, Lourdes wellness services have continued to increase program offerings, as well as number of participants. In 1993, the Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies began offering certification classes. In 1997, the Lourdes Wellness Center opened The Little Portion of Lourdes Wellness Center, a satellite healthy-living center that housed massage services and The Spirituality Center. In 2009, the Wellness Center celebrated the 30th anniversary of wellness services at Lourdes.

Over the years, Lourdes has continued to carry out this mission of its medical center, reaching thousands of people each year with various wellness offerings. Recent efforts have brought greater collaboration between wellness initiatives and the health system’s clinical service lines as well as Lourdes Health System community partners –– with the goal of reaching those looking to achieve well-being in all aspects of the care continuum.

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