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Urology and Urologic Surgery

Lourdes urologists offer full-service care for conditions of the urinary tract, as well as male reproductive function. This means thorough attention to minor and major conditions and highly specialized diagnosis and treatment, including exceptional surgical services.

Recent decades have meant great strides in techniques for treating urologic conditions, including more-effective medications for a variety of conditions, better understanding and strategies for kidney conditions and urologic cancers, and amazing new tools and techniques for surgical operations that are more effective yet less invasive. Lourdes urologic specialists pride themselves on staying at the forefront of these clinical advances and helping to lead Southern New Jersey in the provision of such services.

In urology, minimally invasive robotic surgery at Lourdes includes prostate removal, partial kidney removal and other procedures. Learn more.

The Lourdes staff has a special focus on treatments for conditions of the:

Complete Urologic Evaluation & Care

Lourdes urologists offer the full range of urologic consultative services to patients. These clinicians provide comprehensive services for ongoing and episodic conditions of urinary and genitourinary tract. Their attention to these needs is based on highly experienced diagnostic and interventional skills, as well as referral and collaboration with other specialists as needed, including nephrologists, general surgeons, gynecologists, and cancer specialists.

Lourdes urologic staff offers practiced, knowledgeable care for these areas:

  • bladder-related conditions including urinary incontinence, urgency, and frequency; • urinary tract infections; • cancer of the urologic tract, including testicular, bladder, or kidney cancer; • urinary blockages, including kidney stones; • testicular conditions; • and male sexual function and fertility.

Various urologic conditions can cause similar symptoms. Careful evaluation and diagnosis is essential for conditions of the urinary tract, in order to delivery effective care.  Lourdes urologists take advantage of the full range of imaging, endoscopic, and laboratory testing to identify the causes of pain and disrupted urinary function.

The Most Up-To-Date Continuum of Options

Lourdes urologists take advantage of the most modern testing, including in-office testing and state-of-the science imaging from Lourdes’ radiology services to screen, evaluate, and diagnose.  Emphasizing patient education and communication, they work to provide informed care each step of the way.

Lourdes urologists take a careful, stepwise approach to treatment that emphasizes conservative and medical treatment whenever appropriate and that minimizes the invasiveness of treatment wherever possible.  The staff uses the latest in drug treatment and other noninvasive therapies to address many conditions.

When direct intervention is necessary, the staff can often take advantage of nonsurgical procedures or surgical procedures that don’t involve incisions.  Endoscopy in an important tool in urology, permitting urologic steps that reach into the urethra, bladder, ureter and even as far as the kidney, accessing these areas through the urinary tract, without the need for percutaneous access or a conventional operation.  Cystoscopy, ureteroscopy and ureterpyleoscopy allow Lourdes’ highly trained urologic surgeons, for example, to examine and operate on the bladder, ureter, and opening of the kidney without having to cut into the abdomen or pelvis.

Surgery As Needed and with Minimal Invasiveness

davinciLourdes urologists recommend invasive surgery (requiring an external incision) as an option only if other types of care are not appropriate or not adequately effective. The urologic surgery team at Lourdes has decades of experience in minimally invasive strategies and technologies in the operating room—and substantial experience with the latest refinements of these procedures, including robotic surgery, that reduce pain, scarring and recovery time.

Lourdes urologists offer the complete range of options in surgery, with the most up-to-date options. This team brings exceptional experience in both highly refined open surgical procedures and in newer less-invasive laparoscopic surgery. The latter approach takes advantage of several button-hole incisions, resulting in shorter recovery time and virtually no scarring.

Furthermore, using robotic surgery for laparoscopic procedures means enhancing the advantages of laparoscopy even more and giving patients the most advanced option currently available in urologic surgery. The approach allows surgeons an improved ability to visualize, manipulate and remove or repair organs and tissue, with less variation and more reproducibility in the procedure. Robotic surgery is successful and popular with patients, many of whom who seek and chose it when it is an option.

Comprehensive Service, Skilled Practitioners

Lourdes urologists bring patients the benefit of their complete dedication to, and superior experience with, care for conditions and organs of urinary tract across the entire range of common and uncommon outpatient and inpatient needs.  The team prides itself on providing the very top level of urology services available within its field.

With a total commitment to services for conditions of the male and female urinary system and organs, Lourdes urologists provide a comprehensive resource for their patients—delivering both routine care and advanced interventions.

Lourdes urologists are members of Delaware Valley Urology, one of the largest urology groups in the United States.  They apply equal measures of dedication to the care they delivery in their multiple outpatient office and at Lourdes’ medical centers.

To learn more, call 1-888-LOURDES (568-7337).

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