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Testing (Laboratory, Inpatient, Outpatient)

The high ratings that Lourdes has achieved for its care quality are attributable in part to excellence in its testing services for patients.  Patients benefit from diagnostic procedures on an outpatient basis, as pre- or post-admission steps or during hospitalization.  In all cases, Lourdes places patient convenience, test accuracy and prompt availability of results at utmost importance.

Good care starts with the very best evaluative steps.  Lourdes is proud of the quality and fully modern range of its diagnostic services across the spectrum of specialty areas.

Whether through laboratory services, radiology, cardiology or other areas, patient testing at Lourdes seeks to be timely and well coordinated with each individual’s overall course of care.  As appropriate, results are made available to referring and consulting physicians and patients quickly, with patient confidentiality tantamount throughout the process.

All clinical service areas at Lourdes offer testing of various kinds.  Certain departments provide the bulk of outpatient testing.

See these core resources at Lourdes:


X-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound, nuclear medicine and other forms of the latest imaging at Lourdes delivery for patients the highest quality diagnostic studies. Learn more & schedule.

Preadmission Testing

Making it easy to bundle all tests needed prior to hospital admission in a single out-patient visit, Lourdes pre-admission testing process also captures all required administrative information as part of a process meant to make check-in for a stay at the hospital as easy and efficient as possible. Learn more & schedule.

Cardiology Services

The cardiology team at Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center provides routine, noninvasive diagnostic procedures such as EKGs (echocardiograms) in addition to the full range of modern heart testing such as rhythm and cardiac catheterization studies. Lourdes Cardiology Services has Outpatient Testing Centers in multiple locations in the community, offering non-invasive outpatient heart testing. Link here for a list of locations and the procedures performed. To schedule Outpatient Cardiac Testing, call 856-796-9393. Learn more & Schedule

Antenatal Testing

Maternal-fetal testing of mother and unborn is essential for well-pregnancy care.  Lourdes Antenatal Consultation Unit provides a complete list of tests to satisfy all prescriptions from referring physicians, including those in Lourdes obstetrics and maternity services.  Learn more & schedule.


Colonoscopy and upper endoscopy are must procedures for health screening of many patients.  Lourdes gastroenterology service, as well other specialty areas, provide these and many other types of endoscopic examinations. To schedule an endoscopy, you must first consult with a physician. Learn more.

Pulmonary Services

Testing of lung function and capacity in both inpatients and outpatients, on both a routine or acute basis, is essential for many patients with conditions affecting the lungs and respiration, including asthma, COPD and congestive heart failure.  Lung lavage, to sample lung fluids for lab analysis, is also important for allergic and infectious conditions.  Visits for respiratory therapy help to gage and improve function. Learn more & schedule.


Electroencephalogram (EEG) remains an indispensable test for brain function, including for conditions related to trauma, seizures, stroke, chronic progressive brain disease and other conditions.  Lourdes neurology service also offers a host of other evaluative steps and diagnostic technologies. Learn more & schedule.

Sleep Lab

A nighttime sleep study in a sleep laboratory is the primary diagnostic tool of modern sleep medicine.  Daytime evaluations may also be useful.  Lourdes Neurodiagnostic Sleep Lab provides today’s modern means of testing for sleep disturbances of all types. Learn more & schedule.


A hearing test is a revealing necessity for a large segment of the population.  Lourdes’ dedicated audiologists provide these evaluations to determine loss, identify hearing-related conditions that may exist and advise on the need of assistive devices. Learn more & schedule.


GI Endoscopy at Lourdes

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