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Primary Care

All healthcare starts at the family doctor’s office – or at the very least most of it should.  With the exception of emergencies, major and minor health issues are best spotted, evaluated and often tracked first at the primary care level, and from there managed, referred or collaborated upon.  Even many needs that arrive at the hospital or other urgent-care-capable facilityaremore efficiently dealt within the primary office – or are based on conditions ideally detected there.

Basic, core care for individuals and families is at the center of Lourdes’ mission. Dedicated, compassionate primary doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners at clinics and community practices make special effort to ensure first-quality care for each patient, whether for routine or exceptional needs.

Primary care forms the foundation of the medical system, and Lourdes has always considered such fundamental healthcare at the center of its work.  Lourdes is esteemed for its practices in the community, which bring quality personal care to neighborhoods and localities throughout the area, including those ranging from most served to most underserved.

Serving all demographics in urban clinics and suburban and rural practices, the primary providers on Lourdes medical staff have the resources, consultative services and comprehensive referral choices of the entire, highly awarded Lourdes Health System behind them.  Bringing today’s know-how to families and individuals of all ages, these respected practices are their patient’s number-one recourse for health, prevention, screening, disease management and comforting personal care.

See these core resources at Lourdes:

Primary Care Medicine

Lourdes takes great satisfaction in the daily successes of the primary doctors who serve on the staffs of its hospitals.  These frontline clinicians bring qualitycare to each individual and family, and help create long-term, one-on-one relationships with their patients.  They take special interest in knowing their patients and understanding their history, risk factorsand ongoing health concerns – and helping them navigate to specialty care and to services throughout the health system.

Osborn Family Health Center

The Osborn center remains a gem among Lourdes services.  A large-scale modern clinic located in Camden across from Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center, this vital, award-winning resource provides family practice, obstetrics & gynecology and pediatrics to tens of thousands of patients each year, including the indigent and those with least access.  Learn more.

Community Health Practice

Lourdes doctors and nurses volunteer their services once a week at this clinic for the uninsured.  Patients may avail themselves of both primary care and key specialty services at this special practice. Learn more.


Women may also choose to receive their ongoing care from a gynecologist who can provide a first level of care for all routine health needs—and provide the best referral decisions if specialty care is required.  These Lourdes specialists, of course, have concentrated training, knowledge and experience in tracking and managing health concerns specific to women.  They can also provide the surgical and other interventional and specialized gyn-related services that their patients may need for diagnosis and treatment. Learn more.

Integrative Medicine

An increasing portion of patients are interested in primary care that makes informed options available in alternative and complimentary modalities.  Lourdes has helped to lead the way in its service area in integrating mainstream medical approaches with nonconventional care (including traditional practices).  Its Wellness Center and many of its primary physicians educate patients and families about these options, recommending them as appropriate, making them conveniently available, anddelivering them through the highest quality practitioners. Learn more.


As part of its dedicated commitment to community and family care, Lourdes assures quality care for children and adolescents through its clinics and private practices.  Lourdes pediatricians and primary physicians offer the best start in any nonacutecourse of care for youngsters, deliveringhealthful developmental care and providingexperienced recommendations for additional services at specialty facilities or practices, as needed. Learn more.


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