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Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

As interventions for conditions of the joints, bones and muscles improve, more people are availing themselves of care for conditions that might once have been written off as inevitable or permanent. An ever-larger segment ofthe active, athletic, or aging population, or those with chronic mild to serious conditions affecting mobility or physical ability, can regain function and address chronic musculoskeletal-related pain.

Lourdes orthopedic and sports medicine programs are determined to keep their patients rolling. They seek to help each individual to understand the natural course of their condition, to guide healing, and to fix or renew structures and tissue as needed with minimal disruption and the fullest, promptest possible return to health and activity.

Lourdes experts in these fields pride themselves on offering services at the leading edge of care. Working collaboratively with referring physicians, Lourdes specialists in orthopedics, sports medicine, and physical medicine offer the full gamut of both conservative treatments and aggressive interventional care to return patients to independence as well as work, play and leisure pastimes.

Whether conditions come from trauma, long-term debilitating disease, or just decades of wear and tear, Lourdes highly trained staff members guide and step patients through all of the options of care to keep them in, or return them to, their targeted lifestyle and the highest possible achievement in activities of daily living. Prescriptions for care as simple as rest, procedures as accessible as minimally invasive surgery and operations as complex as major joint replacements are offered and delivered by these services through top-quality hospital- and community-based care, attention to the detail at every phase and a philosophy of always placing the patient always first.

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A Lourdes orthopedist looks first for an exacting diagnosis based on experienced examination and first-rate imaging studies. Treatment may simply be therapeutic and medical or may require surgery to replace or repair structures. Protective or functional prosthetics, arthroscopic surgery (using small incisions and scope-guided tools) or open surgical reconstructions are among the many options offered successfully by the Lourdes service.  Learn more.

Sports Medicine

A wide range of problems related to athletics in a broad sense and other types of recreational physical exertion and activity find effective care with sports-medicine specialists at Lourdes. Extensive training with and personal knowledge of sports, labor and a variety of lifestyle pastimes, permits the staff to understand each patient’s goals and help each individual work within the limits and tolerances of the human body in order to return to normal ability levels as completely as possible through many routes of healing or reconstructive interventions. Learn more.

Rehabilitation Medicine

Few courses of orthopedic or sports medicine care are complete without some type of rehabilitation component. Often this care provides the primary form of treatment as well. This may mean learning simple strengthening and healing routines from a physiatrist or physical therapist or extensive rehabilitative mobilization or reteaching that returns movements, range and conditioning. The staff at Lourdes’ respected Regional Rehabilitation Center develops a customized program for each patient. Learn more.

To locate a Lourdes Orthopedic Surgeon, call 1-888-LOURDES.

Sports Medicine

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