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Lung Conditions

All too common, conditions affecting the lungs can take a wide range of forms from minor reactionsto allergies or other environmental changes to serious diseases compromising breathing capacity, as well as a variety of cancerous conditions.  Lourdes has the primary and specialty care to address all of these challenges.

Primary physicians often detect or diagnose initial signs of conditions such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  These Lourdes doctors manage evaluation and testing, and collaborative referral to specialty care as needed.

Lourdes allergy and immunology specialists, pulmonologists and other specialists help to refine diagnoses and isolate causes.  Lourdes services offer the latest in lung capacity measurement, lung-challenge testing, lung fluid sampling and analysis, imaging, endoscopic care and surgical interventions.  An accomplished radiologic department is indispensable to refining lung diagnoses and trackinglung conditions, using a variety of imaging technologies.  An expanded surgical program offers the latest technology and options.

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Lourdes has built all of the components to combat the full spectrum of medical conditions affecting the lungs, from immunologic diseases to those related to exposures or abnormal growths — in order to provide patients with optimum currently available care for these problems.

Primary Care

Lourdes family doctors, general practitioners and internists often provide the first level of care in detecting risk factors for lung conditions, as well as signs and symptoms of abnormalities.  They also serve a central role in coordinating care and overseeing regular, routine health monitoring, medications, lifestyle adjustments and other ongoing support for patients with these conditions. They can determine when specialty care is required. Learn more.

Pulmonary Care

Lourdes pulmonologists have a life-long dedication to both inpatient and outpatient care of all types of lung conditions.  Their combined use of medical history and lung imaging and sampling confirms diagnoses and matches patients with the very latest treatments in medical care, including a variety of types of drug therapies and other interventions. Learn more.

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Lourdes exceptional cardiothoracic surgeons are the focal point of care decisions related to operative interventions for lung cancers and other chest malignancies, collapsed lung, fluid on the lungs and chronic conditions such as emphysema.  As needed, they provide the latest minimally invasive surgical approaches for such procedures, including robotic surgery. Learn more.

Cancer Care

Lung malignancies may require a number of different care modalities.  Progress continues in permitting more patients a successful course of care through surgery, sometimes in combination with radiation therapy or chemotherapy.  The Lourdes cancer program approaches each case with the most up-to-date protocols and with access to clinical trials. Learn more.


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