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Geriatric Medicine

Increasingly in healthcare, services that focus on the elderly have received more of the attention and resources that they deserve.  Lourdes has always placed special emphasis on community and personal care from practitioners trained and experienced in the needs of older individuals.

Lourdes geriatric medicine specialists offer primary practice care for older patients, including through nursing homes and other facilities.  In addition, Lourdes other primary care services are acutely focused on the needs of geriatric patients and have always emphasized attention to the complete family.

Lourdes service area includes a significant elderly population,

through the care of which the staff remains well versed in the latest geriatric-medicine strategies, including proven approaches for helping to safeguard the health and well being of older patients.  Lourdes also offers a rare resource in its Living Independently for Elders (LIFE) program, which helps coordinate medical care and other needs for participating elders living at home.

Special training, knowledge and experience in the care that older patients need is simply an essential part primary and community healthcare services, and the specialty care services that support them. Lourdes has long embraced care for this patient population as an important aspect of its mission.

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